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Caribou III Home Gym & Smith Machine – Dip, Preacher Curl, Pec Deck and Cable Crossover Price: $1,599.99 (as of 04/07/2020 20:23 PST- Details)

Perform Dips!
Perform Preacher Curls!
Perform Pec Deck


The brand new Caribou III is likely one of the safest self-recognizing home gyms available on the market. The gym allows you to enjoy the texture of free weights with the protection of a smith machine. The Caribou III comprises probably the most advanced smith carriage to be had nowadays. Oilite bushings float over cast chrome rods providing a piston-like action unequalled by any sq. carriage. This special carriage is locked straight away into any of the protection catches by a snappy flip of the wrist. The brand new Caribou III options twin bar holders and safety rail spotter arms. Our new skilled design permits the lifter to accomplish smith machine lifting in addition to the entire free weight exercises. Our fitness equipment is still the business’s leader in innovation and affordability in home gyms.
Carry out Dips!
Carry out Preacher Curls!
Carry out % Deck
Carry out Cable Crossover
Carry out Smith Machine and Free Weight Exercises