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Atkins Cookies and Cream 30g Price: $19.99 (as of 22/11/2020 23:00 PST- Details)


This indulgent Cookies & Cream bar from low carb experts, Atkins, is a delicious approach to balance your carb and sugar intake. With a creamy filling, roasted cocoa beans and crispy chocolatey pieces, all dipped in white chocolate, you will not consider each and every bar comprises best 1.4 g net carbs and an excellent 8.2g of protein. They are the easiest snack to seize between meals. A low carb way of life is not just about weight loss; it is about eating well and living life to the entire. Atkins great-tasting range of low carb, low sugar products make sticking to a low carb way of life much more uncomplicated. Atkins is supported by over 150 studies, which show that a low carb method to eating makes it more uncomplicated to lose weight and keep an eye on blood sugar. Our range of low carb, low sugar products provide convenient, tasty, snacks and meal components to assist to keep you on-track, with out feeling like you are missing out. Whether or not you are trying to succeed in or take care of your optimal weight or simply in need of to eat somewhat more healthy, Atkins is a delicious and balanced way that will help you achieve your goals.