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ExGizmo Vertical Exercise Trainer Fitness Total Full Body Workout Climber/Stepper Price: $145.99 (as of 23/11/2020 23:24 PST- Details)

High-intensity, full body workout.Compact folding design for easy storage
Low impact muscle toning. Ergonomically designed for all body types
Excellent aerobic workout to burn calories and fat.Low-impact comprehensive aerobic/anaerobic workout


The Vertical Climber simulates natural climber movements to burn calories even as strengthening and toning muscles. It has been designed to be smoother, quieter and more durable! The wonderful thing about that is that You’ll have the good thing about mountaineering mountains from the safety of your house. ?Climb on for an extremely low affect but high intensity workout with each session. If space is at a premium, it is easy to fold the climber and store it in a corner until your next training session.??You’ll get a decent sweat worked up in as low as ten minutes at the vertical climber. It’s intended for all body types with adjustable height options nevertheless it has a maximum weight rating of 285pounds (130Kg).
The climber targets leg muscles, buttocks, arms, and core muscles. This will greatly depend at the intensity of your workout. If you happen to give it a 100% percent intensity and push yourself to the max you are going to give yourself a terrific full body workout. If you happen to go at a slow pace you may also only get some great benefits of the exercise to your lower body. So you’ll want to push yourself past your comfort zone and give it 100% for the full body workout benefits. This exercise climber machine engages all major muscle groups to burn calories and build muscle.
The exercise climber machine is a straightforward-to-setup machine that gives a total body workout that help you sculpt lean, sexy legs, toned rock-hard abs and strong triceps and biceps. By The use of your own body weight as resistance, it gives a perfect cardio and strength training workout without putting stress at the lower joints of your body. You get a full body workout when The use of this ercise climber machine that combines weight resistance, muscle toning, and aerobic exercise in one simple step, all in the comfort of your own home. The use of the climber machine for 1 hour will result in an average of 500 calories being burned.

High-intensity, full body workout.Compact folding design for simple storage
Low affect muscle toning. Ergonomically designed for all body types
Excellent aerobic workout to burn calories and fat.Low-affect comprehensive aerobic/anaerobic workout
Digital calorie and step counter in your workout time and your whole fitness progress to keep you motivated.